3rd November 2023 • Reflektor

  • Doors • 19:30


With the brand-new “Sunday Painter”, Absynthe Minded enters your home and mind on a lazy Sunday. Bert Ostyn and his comparses once again deliver a colorful, mature album that observes the wider world with an open eye. A sparkling gem, born spontaneously during intense studio sessions, it perfectly captures the magical attraction between pianist Laurens Dierickx and Ostyn’s Sunday protégé. Throw in Toon Vlerick’s jazzy guitar, newcomer Laurens Smagghe’s subtle drumming and Sergej Van Bouwel’s groovy bass lines, and you’ll know you’re more than blessed. A sparkling work to be discovered in all its splendor from 09/15/2023 – incisive and joyful, melodious and captivating: Absynthe Minded at their best!

“Sunday Child” is already the perfect appetizer for this multicolored musical feast. Exhilarating, catchy and extremely infectious.

But be warned: this groovy earworm can lead to obsessive singing.