Somos De Vuelta

Somos De Vuelta is a metal band from Belgium created in 2014. Fab and Marco played together some years ago in a prog band, they wanted to keep on working together and had been looking for a guitarist-singer during 1 or 2 years. Finally, someone told Fab that a young guitarist was searching for a band and lived in the same town, it was Andrès. They met, they played together and Somos De Vuelta was born !

All songs are created by the band and all lyrics are written by Andrès in Spanish as he’s Peruvian and it’s his mother tongue .

Month after month, they learned to know each other, built slowly a repertoire and searched for a 1st gig. This happened at the end of 2015 with the italian heavy metal band Nitehawks who was on tour in Europe, then later with the french band Seeds of Mary, also on tour, and some other gigs around Liège and one in Dunkerque, France.

In summer 2017, they decided to record their 1st album « Somos De Vuelta », 10 songs and 51 minutes. This album is very representative of the band’s work ; they recorded, mixed and mastered all songs by themselves. It really sounds as they wanted, like Somos De Vuelta.

Now the band is looking for more gigs, because that’s only what they want : have fun, meet other musicians and make music !

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